Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Ensure The Safety Of The Electrics In Your Business & Building

Reliable Electrical Testing For A Safer & More Efficient Site

You have a responsibility to your staff, customers and others to maintain the safety of your building and the items within it. Your electrical safety should be paramount – after all, it is what keeps your people safe and is required by your insurance company.


At Ultimate Compliance, our customers rely on us to provide trustworthy and thorough electrical safety services. Whatever your needs, from PAT testing to load analysis, we ensure a high quality of work without any stress or hassle using our simple-to-use customer portal that lets you track communication and see updates. 


Why Choose Our Electrical Safety Services?

Simple Quoting Process

Know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money. Simply get in touch with our team and let them know the details of your site and we can get you an accurate quote, visiting in person if needed so you can get to know and trust us before work begins. 

Intensive Testing With Detailed Reports

Choose a level of testing that suits your needs. Carried out to the latest regulations and highest standards, our testing gives you clear and extensive reports and makes you aware of any issues to follow up on. Some electrical testing companies only tick boxes – leaving you at risk of liability should something get missed. With us, you get more than just a certificate because you deserve a complete and reliable service. 

Qualified & Experienced Engineers You Can Trust

With 20 years of expertise in the electrical and compliance industry, we’re experts in the electrical testing industry. Our hand-picked engineers are professional, reliable and have the right skills for the job. 

Services offered by our in-house team

Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliance testing or PAT is necessary for all electrical items used with or by a business. Whether you’re a mobile business taking equipment from venue to venue or you are a large company with monitors, coffee machines and printers, each item needs to pass a PAT. 

Our PAT service gives you a clear tagged and logged inventory record (ITR) and adds any failed appliances to your asset list for audit. 

Our team will do everything possible to minimise disruption to your business, such as not turning off power unnecessarily, so you can continue business as usual. Access all of your reporting and updates through a customer portal for simplicity and enjoy the peace of mind that your portable electrical appliances are compliant and safe.


Services offered by our in-house team

Load Analysis

Electrical equipment may degrade over time and you may notice:

Our load analysis testing shows you exactly where there may be stress on your power system and whether degrading electrical equipment needs fixing or replacing for safety.


By having a professional load analysis carried out by our technicians you can save money on electricity bills and catch issues with overheating, strange electrical noises or odd equipment failures around your building. These things might otherwise go uninvestigated and could lead to potentially bigger – more expensive – problems.


Our in-house team will investigate, monitor and report on all the relevant factors, giving you a clear report and debrief of their findings. 

As part of an electrical load analysis we will collect data on power quality, the quantity used and often harmonic data to identify and locate electrical problems in your building’s distribution system. This is done when; Adding to an existing system and verifying the amount of electricity consumed.

As part of an investigation into:

Any of these issues can cause intermittent problems that can lead to strange equipment operations, unexpected failures and more.


Monitoring is done on the main conductors as well as the neutral and we follow proven engineering procedures to ensure the testing is non-intrusive, acacurate and safe. The duration depends on many factors including weather (air-conditioners are only used in the summer), production process and interaction between other equipment (i.e. heaters and ventilation motors).


Our goal is to capture any potential problems in the electrical system as your equipment is in ause. Once the data has been gathered and collated for a loading profile, we will generate a report that includes:

Outsourced Services

Services Provided By Our Partners

We use specific partners to provide these services with similar values and quality to our own. All the services are managed by us through our service desk.

Lightning Conductor Test

Our lightning conductor testing is carried out by our outsourced partners who share our values. Ensure the efficiency and safety of your building’s lightning conductor, adhering to British standards and providing an annual test.

You’ll receive a full defects report with suggestions for any remedial work that’s needed, all carried out safely and quickly so you can spend more time on what matters most to your business.



Thermographic Testing

Concerned you may have overloaded cables or poor connections? Thermographic testing could be the answer you’re looking for. 


There are no other preventive maintenance techniques or technology that are capable of diagnosing these types of defects in your building, making thermographic testing uniquely useful if you suspect you might have issues with your wiring. 


Thermographic testing is carried out by our partner who will give you an easy-to-understand report of your results, so you can take any action needed as soon as possible.

Electrical thermography is useful as there is no other preventive maintenance technology or technique that can identify defects such as poor connections, overloaded cables…

Hear From Customers Who Used Our Electrical Safety Services…

Success Stories

Steve and his team have become an essential part of our office maintenance team. Dealing with a diversity of challenges from warehouse lighting at height to security I know, with one call, all our electrical needs, minor and major, are dealt with consummate professionalism and the quality we need. Highly recommended

Kate Lester,

CEO - Diamond Logistics

As an electrician myself, I think I’m well placed to judge the quality of their work. When the testing is complete, Steve often returns and personally runs through the results and checks the service has been delivered to my expectations a nice personal touch unusual for these days. Thanks, guys for all your hard work.”

John Pollard,

Facilities Manager - Whiteley Village

Ultimate has been supplying electrical compliance work for the last seven years we have found them both very knowledgeable, reliable and easy to deal with.

Malcolm Cooper,

Facilities Manager - PGS Exploration Plc

aThey supplied just what we needed and did not go overboard! I guess like a lot of companies, we went to the usual suspects for our Fixed Wire Testing. When we spoke to Steve from Ultimate Compliance he spent time with me to get the right option for us. I like the integrity of the company for not selling us services we don’t really need. If you want a company that just gives sound advice provides a sensible route to ensuring compliance at a good price than I would recommend them anytime.

Sharon Griffiths,

Facilities Manager - Roxburghe Plc

We got recommended to ultimate by our M&E Consultants. Even though we had a previous certificate we wanted a clean start so we went for the business 100 service. we’re very busy in the summer, but the service was well planned and there were no interruptions to our business. Very happy to recommend.

Ian Rider,

Facilities Manager - The Corporation of Trinity

I have known Ultimate for over six years and I can say that it has been a pleasure working with you. We are an engineering company as such we know what to expect from engineers who come to our site. Its sometimes not enough to be great technically and you are, you also have to retain a friendly and professional approach to the job and you do. If you want people working on-site that can solve problems and quietly just get on with the job then I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Mandy Walters,

Purchasing Mgr - Nicholson McLaren Engines

We have been with Ultimate for a number of years for electrical testing; it’s great to have a company that reminds you of the due dates and plans the work around the busy school life. I have always found the company friendly, helpful, reliable and competitively priced

Janet Whittakeroe,

School Bursar - Christ Church Primary School

Steve was very helpful and provided an excellent service in arranging and carrying out Electrical Test Reports on a number of Schools for us. A big thanks to him and the team for their hard work.

Jarard Cassem,

Director - Quatrefoils

Pete from Ultimate is my ‘font of all knowledge for anything electrical’. As a letting agent, I need an electrical contractor who is honest, reliable and cost-effective and I’ve found this rare combination with this great company. My tenants get great service and my landlords get a good price and I get good service, pro-activity and feedback at every step. I would certainly recommend Ultimate for all your electrical needs. Thank you!

Rochelle Latham,

Managing Director - Latham Smith

Steve is my first port of call when it comes to Fixed Wire Testing and electrical compliance matters. I’ve got a strong technical background in electrical engineering, but keeping up to date with best practice and the latest compliance requirements in an ever-changing industry can be a challenge at times. Their focus on electrical compliance as a core competency has been the key to there success. It’s my recommendation to talk to Steve if you need any help with Fixed Wire Testing.

Stewart Mc Crae,

Director- Property Advisory Services Ltd

We Take The Time To Understand Your Needs, So You Get The Right Service For You

Book a call with our experienced and friendly team, here to listen to your individual needs so you can get the electrical safety services that will keep your business and building safe, protected and compliant…