Pricing Plans in more detail

Below are the main features of each plan in more detail to help you decide which plan would suit you best.

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Perfect for those companies that can demonstrate that all their electrical infrastructure is monitored and maintained on a regular basis. All works tended to be certificated - previous 100% EICR to be made available if this service is offered.
For those customers who are looking to ensure that their premises are safe, who tend to not have on-site maintenance and cannot certify any electrical works carried out, but do have their testing carried out at regular intervals.
Those customers are looking to get maximum value out of the testing process. Maintenance may have lapsed or testing not carried out at the prescribed intervals.
Confirm the H&S procedures particular to your company
Confirm all Risk Assessment/Method Statements issued are in place
Confirm with the customer on site the agreed Business Continuity arrangements
Carry out a check of all main bonding connections for presence and tightness
Conduct a visual inspection of the whole installation and look for any obvious damage or hazards that may be present
Carry out a safe isolation procedure and isolate any sensitive equipment/computers that may have a specific shut down procedure
Carry out the internal inspection of main switchgear to all accessible equipment
Carry out a group insulation resistance test between all phases plus neutral to earth at all distribution boards that can be feasibly tested
Carry out R1 + R2 tests on 20% of all circuits not supplying sockets
Re Energize all circuits and appliances and carry out tripping time tests on all RCDs not serving any critical equipment
Carry out earth loop impedance tests on all circuits supplying sockets
Check all accessible sockets for polarity, cross connections missing earth etc
Out of Hours Service
Provide a one to one debrief on the findings in the report
Discuss the requirement for the requirement of additional testing should the sample testing find any unsatisfactory results
Carry out R1 + R2 tests and earth loop impedance tests on all circuits
Trace all unknown circuits (subject to max of ten mins per circuit)
Provide updated distribution board charts for identified circuits
Supply and install any missing blanks (Din Rail industry standard) or grommets to any distribution boards during testing to reduce the remedial costs where available.
Distribution Board schematic showing sub main circuit from the origin inc cable sizes, types device sizes in DWG &/or PDF file format.
Site visit by a senior member of staff for a full explanation of the findings mentioned on the certificate.

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