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The Shared Inbox

The Shared Inbox Notifications

Cognito Form Overview

Asana Simpro Intergration

Letting Agents Monthly Reporting process

Creating a job card and sending to customer

Customers looking for comfirmation that the works have been completed

What do client want from a service call

What to ask clients to that everyone is clear on what the service call outcome options will be.

How to Navigate around Simpro

Certification Delivery

The document outlines why we need to add the cert delivery cost centre to all job

Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed Wire Testing Remedial Works

Link to Document

Job Warnings & What To Do

What Certificates go with what Jobs?

What type of job is this ?

the cost centre tells you the type of work this is and I have labelled the cost centre to the correct invoice video

Quote Delivery

Processing Letting Agents Repair Quotes


Processing Customer Payment

Job Creation & Pending

Letting Agents Job Creation

Letting Agents Cost Centre Build

Not sure how to create a cost centre for a letting agents EICR

How to create and process a service call

Pending Jobs Overview

Cert Generation

Cost Centres: Fixed Wire Testing Domestic,

Fixed Wire Testing Commercial

Fixed Wire Testing Domestic - Remedial Works

Fixed Wire Testing Commercial - Remedial Works


Booking a Sub contracted Engineer

Use this workflow to book subcontracted engineers

Job Progression & Status Codes

Job Progression Overview

Webinar with complimentary Tips and guidance

Job Delivery Guide & Tips

How to Progress Jobs

Status Code: Job in Progress

This is often the least understood status code and also the No 1 reason for a job not moving forward

Status Code: Engineering Certification finished =-Awaiting QS

A closed 2nd for main reason job not moving forward

Using Filters to Speed up Job Processing

Tips I've picked up to get the job done faster  with fewer errors and not missing jobs

Job Progress Meeting Workflow

What needs to be in the meeting and actioned

Job Completion

Explaining all the elements we need before we can successfully invoice a job What type of certification. What the engineers need to have completed and etc

Getting a PAT certifcate ready for emailing

Service Job Time & Materials completion

Letting Agents Remedial Repairs Certification Types

You need these before we send over an invoice

How to reject a job in completion list

A job that gets moved to the completed list by the delivery team for invoicing.  but lacks the right information to invoice

General Invoicing Guides

Invoicing Overview

Invoice & Cert Board

Invoicing Workflow Process V1

Job Tagging Guide

we use tagging for many things such as process failures, asana transfer & prepayment notifier

How to check if an invoice has been sent

Commercial Compliance Invoice Types

Emergency Lighting Yearly Invoice

Cost Centre: Emergency Light Testing Yearly

PAT Testing Invoice

Cost Centre: PAT Testing

Recurring Emergency Lighting Monthly Invoice

Cost Centre: Emergency lighting Testing Monthly

Commercial Electrical Invoice Types

Service Call Job Labour only Invoice

Cost Centre: Service Calls

Commercial Quoted works Invoice

Cost Centre: Small Works Contracting <£5000.00,-Emergency Lighting - Remedial Works, Fire Alarm Testing - Remedial Works,Fixed Wire Testing - Commercial -Remedial Works

Quoted Job invoice with added service

Sometimes we carry out a fixed fee job and the client requests while we are there to please do another job. We treat this part of the job like a time and materials service call

Service Invoice - Labour & materials

Cost Centre: Service Calls

Also known as a Time & Materials Invoice

Lamp Changing Bolt On

Cost Centre: Facility Services

Letting Agent Invoicing

Letting Agents Domestic EICR Invoice

Cost Centre: Fixed Wire Testing - Domestic

Letting Agents Remedial Invoice

Cost Centre: Fixed Wire Testing - Domestic - Remedial works

Letting Agents Domestic EICR Invoice with Agent Fee

Cost Centre: Fixed Wire Testing - Domestic
Eg - Harmes